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3D Printed Parts from Recent Projects

Check out this collection of 3D printed parts from recent jobs. KiwiMill uses an Objet 3D printer to create 3D printed pieces.

Our scale models are never completely 3D printed. The resin used in 3D printing is durable, but still works best in combination with other materials like ABS, brass, acrylic or tooling board.

Parts that are good candidates for 3D printing in our shop are those which are intricate, relatively small and fairly detailed. It makes sense to create larger, simpler, bulkier parts by other methods.

Below are pictures of recently developed 3D printed parts:

Mining Equipment Models

Mining Equipment Models


KiwiMill recently completed a series of mining equipment models. Three of the models were replicas of conveyor type vehicles that are used to transport material from one site to another. One mining equipment model depicted a scale for weighing material.

All four mining equipment models were made primarily from 3D printed parts. Even the tires were 3D printed. Some laser cut acrylic was added to each model as well.

The models are transported in individual Pelican travel cases to trade shows and sales events.

Custom Keyed Machine Screw Model

Bryce Fastener requested a custom machine screw model to showcase their unique keyway design. In order to provide tamper-proof screw and bolts, the keyway shape itself is specifically designed for each customer order – no two are alike.

KiwiMill was given a company sample to make a 1:10 scale machine screw model of. The  model is designed to attract attention at trade shows and highlight the unique keyway geometry on the screw and the matching key shape of the pin that turns it.

The majority of the machine screw model was constructed from high density tooling board. The screw part was CNC routed, and the pin was hand cut.

The key shape on the sample provided was measured and then drawn up in CAD.The CAD drawing was then used to 3D print the key shape and the keyway.

The resulting accuracy of the 3D printed parts allowed the model to be functional. The key on the pin actually fits into the keyway correctly. Just like the real product.

Intricate Build of Manifold Trailer Industrial Model

This industrial model of a Manifold Trailer for Forum Energy Technologies involved extensive use of our 3D printer. The result was stunning detail, accuracy, and with the addition of brass structure, great strength.

KiwiMill model makers were very pleased with this attempt to create a model primarily of 3D printed parts that were then assembled into the finished product.




3D Printed Part Transformed

At KiwiMill we use 3D printed parts to make some of our models, depending on the design and purpose of the project.

3D printed part for model

For a recently made MATV military vehicle, the doors were 3D printed out of plastic with handle,  hinge and window details. The part was grown over night in the 3D printer, taken out and cleaned up.

3D printed  scale model part

The part was then primed, painted and given additional details.

military model

Here is the door on the completed MATV vehicle. The printed part blends in with all the other materials that were used to complete this model. Our model maker chose soldered and braised brass for most of the model for the strength and endurance necessary in a trade show piece.