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We Build All Types of Custom Models – Here’s Why.


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Some scale model shops specialize in particular types of models. Architectural model making is a common type of specialization, as well as ship building or airplane replicas. Model trains would be another example of model maker focus.

KiwiMill has chosen to market to a variety of industries in need of custom models. Our team has the broad experience to make a replica of just about any object out there. Model requests come from all over:  the military, land developers, manufacturers, advertising agencies, product developers, private collectors, the medical field, museum and exhibit companies.

There are various types of models which can be built for each industry as well. Trade show models, cutaways, display models, site models, working models, training models, product models, historical models, prototypes and sales models are examples of the types of requests we receive.

At KiwiMill, we believe a broad approach is more advantageous. Part of the allure of model making is its custom nature. Master model makers are curious, creative people and thrive on the variety of each new job. Sameness is the antithesis of what many custom model makers are looking for in their work. Our team works best when presented with new challenges on each project.

Marketing to such a wide range of potential customers is daunting. Maintaining the machines, tools, software and technology to build all types of custom models is an investment. Finding and stocking materials for each new job is an ongoing process. One job may require tooling board and brass piping, while the next project requires a source for synthetic fur or tiny plastic footballs.

Assembling a team of model makers who have the talent, training and abilities to make all kinds of models is key to our success. Some of our model makers have over 20 years experience with architectural models. Others have experience with design, prototypes and product development. Still others are engineers by nature and provide the CAD knowledge and mechanical expertise to draw up model parts and add movement, sound or lights. Together they can tackle a wide variety of projects.

The toughest part about building all types of custom models and choosing not to specialize in a particular type, is convincing the general public that we know what we’re doing. Our business is fortunate to have a large portfolio of work going back decades that we can share with potential clients. Yet, often we are asked to build a model of something that we haven’t done before. That’s the nature of the business – just about any object found in society can be replicated. It’s impossible to have an example for each to show potential clients. Part of our job is reassuring customers that we can build a model of a product that we have never encountered before.

What that means is that our satellite models are every bit as sophisticated as our museum dioramas. Our model makers can replicate a military all terrain vehicle as readily as they can recreate a piece of industrial equipment in the form of a cutaway. Our model makers are not only capable of making all types of models, representing all types of industry, they thrive on it.