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Industrial Models

Industrial Model

Industrial models allow a company to demonstrate its machinery, piece of large equipment or industrial process using a hands on approach. Having an industrial model sets your product apart from the competition that’s still relying on a two-dimensional display. A color brochure of a product, or even a video demonstration will not deliver the impact an industrial model in hand does. A 3 dimensional model communicates effectively, answering specific questions about your product. It can also highlight the particular features or strengths that you want emphasized.

Often an industrial process or piece of machinery is too large, complex or cumbersome to travel between trade shows. A model, on the other hand, is portable while still being instantly recognizable and understood as a replica of your product.  No need to worry that the potential client cannot visualize your product accurately from a 2 dimensional drawing or photograph. While nothing can substitute for the real product, a quality replica can be a highly effective alternative. Its physical presence provides direct understanding about what you are offering and translates into a more positive sales experience.

A skilled model maker can work with you to provide an accurate, visually pleasing, detailed-as-you-want industrial model in a user-friendly scale. Specific features can be emphasized on the model, making it easier for your sales staff to illustrate your product’s uniqueness. Duplicate models can be constructed for multiple shows. Replicas are a cost-effective, engaging option when bringing along the real product is not feasible. No one should go into a presentation without this sales tool in hand!

Valve Replacement Training Model

This training model will familiarize people with the steps of an industrial process before they get into the actual field. The process being simulated is the replacement of a valve on a hydro-electric dam penstock. 

All of this activity takes place deep underground. The training model represents the underground room and the equipment used to replace the valve. The valves on the model have working parts.

The center piece of the training model – the pipe – is 11ft in diameter in real life. KiwiMill replicated the pipe using a 6 inch diameter tube. The rest of the model was scaled around this size. Sometimes it is more economical for the client to have the model’s dimensions determined by parts that are readily available.

Everything was custom fabricated, assembled and painted in a little over a week, and then shipped to Canada for our customer’s immediate use.