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Model with Working Parts

Our model makers have shipped out the asphalt plant model with working parts. Seven feet tall, with functionality, this model simulates the movements of an asphalt plant. Doors and chutes that operate in the real plant with hydraulic cylinders have been mimicked using 12v electric linear actuators. Augers and buckets in a real plant that run on gear motors have been simulated using miniature gear motors.


Heavy Equipment Sales Model

If you have a large piece of machinery, heavy equipment vehicle or industrial process that you need to sell to customers you have to make choices about your marketing approach. Phone calls, email,  or face-to-face contact? Probably a combination of all three. A good website – interactive and informative – is imperative. Video testimonial, a detailed brochure and participation at trade shows might be useful.

One approach that is almost out of the question is hauling a huge, bulky piece of equipment to the prospective buyer and saying, “Look, here it is, and let me show you all of its outstanding features.”  It would be effective, but impractical when dealing with oversized products.

A sales model would provide that impact without the cost and logistical impossibility of the real product. Imagine having a detailed sales model of an excavator, a cooling system or a jet engine that travels with the sales team and can be displayed with ease in a variety of settings. A model reproduction of your over-sized product  will inform, impress and engage potential customers, giving a worthy return for your investment.

A Big Asphalt Plant Industrial Model

Today when I looked around the shop for the model maker‘s latest project, my eyes scanned the work tables for something small in scale. I couldn’t find anything. Where was the model?

It was staring at me at eye level, not on a table, but sitting on the floor.

It’s a seven foot tall industrial model of an asphalt plant. It will have all working parts. Anything that functions in an asphalt plant will be represented with moving parts on the scale model.

Why so large? Well the client has his can’t-be-divulged reasons for wanting this industrial model and the specific scale it is being built in. It makes for a great project in the shop. Take a look at some pictures of the job in progress: