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Medical Product Models for Trade Show

Product Model Hip Implant

Product Model Shoulder Implant

Product Model Knee Implant

Recently KiwiMill model maker, Mike, took some time out to share with me the processes he went through with three medical product models he created.

The product models were 3 1/2 x larger versions of medical implants. This human-friendly scale allows potential customers to view the design and structure of each implant in a trade show setting.

Mike used a combination of processes and materials for each model. Tooling board was carved out with the CNC router to form the core of each model. 3D printing was used for some individual parts. Extensive amount of effort went into the finishes on the models.

Vacuum metalized chrome was applied to several parts along with texturized paint finishes. One of the models required custom mixed pink color that was given a durable clear coat on top of the paint for a mirrored finish.

Two of the models were modular. The shoulder implant model consisted of a stem, neck, head and pegged glenoid. Each piece fit into the next. The top piece was held on with magnets.

Modular Shoulder Implant Product Model

The hip implant model had a stem, head, cover and liner that were removable.

Modular Hip Implant Product Model

The final medical product model, the knee implant, was static.