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Oil Industry Scale Models

Oilfield sites contain a vast supply of equipment to safely and effectively extract, contain and transport this raw material. Consider having a scale model made of your oil industry product to help sell its abilities and features.
KiwiMill can build a scale model of any piece of  oil industry equipment, including:
  • pipe racks
  • drill pipes
  • traveling blocks
  • Oil Industry Modelsfuel and water tanks
  • mud pits
  • stand pipes
  • draw works
  • conductor pipes
  • bore holes
  • bits
  • swivels
  • rotary hoses
  • turntables
  • crowns
  • crown blocks
  • cranes
  • degassers
  • blowers
  • auxiliary rig machinery
  • elevators
  • offshore rigs
  • shale shakers
  • mud tanks
  • mud agitators
  • mud pumps
  • safety valves
  • gate valves
  • coring equipment
  • cooling equipment
  • derricks
  • bucking units
  • compressors
  • drill collars
  • blowout preventers

Cutaway Scale Model for Training

cutaway model

Our client, FMC Technologies, requested a working model of a gate valve that would assist with maintenance training. Talking with model maker, Scott, it was determined that the best way to serve this purpose would be with a 1/2 scale cutaway model that would pull apart and reveal interior components that could be manipulated. Once the general concept was agreed upon, our team discussed the build in general, and the associated costs and time frame, and a detailed quote was written up.

cutaway model

Once the job was awarded, model makers Mike, Dean and Scott came up with a plan of action including a list of materials, fabrication techniques and assemblies, along with a break down of each task and its associated steps. The over all design of the model would include an exterior shell opening and closing with the use of magnets, a working wheel that would move the gate up and down, and numerous interior pieces that could be assembled and reassembled.

cutaway model

FMC provided 3D geometry which was used to create the various parts of the model. Some parts were 3D printed.

3D printed model part

Others were formed from  machined  tooling board. An aluminum rod with threads was created on the CNC lathe. Metal gate sleeves were formed on a press brake, and some off-the-shelf hardware was added as well. As parts were formed, they were attached to each other as required. Magnets were imbedded in the outer shell.

model making

model maker

Most of the parts were then primed and painted. Various bright colors were used for the individual parts to enhance the training process.

scale model

The whole model was assembled and disassembled multiple times to assure its functionality and durability. The wheel was tested to make sure it moved the gate up and down on the rod correctly. The model was taken for professional photography, then carefully packed and shipped to Canada to our esteemed client.

Click Here for a slideshow of the model build on YouTube.cutaway model