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Scale Model Donation for Habitat for Humanity

KiwiMill recently provided a scale model donation for Flower City Habitat for Humanity’s 2012 Roc Properties fundraising event.  We chose to support this worthy cause based on its motto, “a hand up, not a hand out.”

With donations of time, money and skills, homes are built in neighborhoods in need of rehabilitation. New home owners are asked to put 450 hours of sweat equity into the builds, and offered interest-free mortgages to purchase these houses in return.

By clustering these house builds in specific neighborhoods, the surrounding community benefits as well as the individual home owners. It has a rippling effect, and the City of Rochester becomes a better place to live and prosper in.

The event we sponsored is an annual Flower City Habitat fundraiser to share the mission of, and raise money for, the house building program. In addition to financial sponsorship, we were pleased to design, build and donate decorative scale models for the themed event, along with symbolic “keys” used to open prize chests.

Four City of Rochester icons were chosen for the scale model donation: The Chase Tower, the Times Square Building, the George Eastman House and the Frederick Douglass Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge. A total of 22 models were created for the evening’s event which took place at Artisan Works, on March 30, 2012.