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Cool Veterinary Model

This veterinary model of a blood separating device is a great example of going bigger in scale than the real thing. Not all scale models need to be small. In this instance the model is 6X bigger than the product it is replicating. By going bigger, the details of how the product works can be featured clearly.

This separating device takes blood and breaks it down into plasma and platelets in order to harvest white blood cells. The challenge of this veterinary model was to show the process in a clear and user friendly way.

Our model makers chose colors to represent the different processes. Yellow = plasma. Red = blood cells.

veterinary model parts

A clear acrylic tube was used to represent the flask. A silicone vinyl hose was placed inside, which gave the correct diameter and coil for the extracting piece. Colors were added using theater jells.

The resulting veterinary model looks cool and communicates the properties of the separator with accuracy.

veterinary model veterinary model veterinary model veterinary model