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Exploded View Fishing Reel Display

Recently a client asked for a display model of their product that could be taken to industry shows. The product is a fishing reel, and the challenge became how to make this into a unique attraction for trade show attendees. The design decided upon was an exploded view of the reel, using actual parts.

The exploded view concept was not just an interesting  way to draw customers in to a trade show booth. Like most well designed models, it also educated potential buyers by revealing the unseen technology that resides within the fishing reel.

The parts to the fishing reel were provided by the client. Our model makers mounted the parts on a base using piano wire, which gave the illusion of the pieces floating in space. The layout was designed so that certain parts were grouped together, while others were featured individually for emphasis.

The display was carefully suspended in a bed of rice and placed in a sturdy travel case. The entire design can be transported easily from show to show. This educational and attractive fishing reel display shows how an exploded view concept can work well to highlight your product’s inner workings.

Exploded view fishing reel display Exploded view fishing reel display Exploded view fishing reel display Exploded view fishing reel display Exploded view fishing reel display Exploded view fishing reel display

Exploded view fishing reel display

Exploded view fishing reel display

Display Model Delivered Direct to Trade Show

KiwiMill recently completed a display model of a gene sequencing facility. This was an expedited project completed in less than a month and shipped directly to the American Society of Human Genetics trade show in Baltimore, Maryland.

The model was designed to show of the streamlined process of genetic sequencing our clients have created with their system. Robot arms are used to move genetic material from one machine to the next, eliminating unnecessary steps in the process.

The display model was built quickly and arrived on schedule to the trade show floor. There it was placed on a lit table, serving as a center point to our client’s booth design.

Materials used included 3D printed parts, machinist board and sheet plastics. Both models fit in one Pelican case for ease of transportation. A second model is being built concurrently to reside at the corporate headquarters.

Here is a picture of the model at the trade show taken by camera phone. Look for more pictures of this project soon – and others like it – on our website portfolio, under trade show models.

display model


Trade Show Display – lights, music, mixed drinks

Our model makers designed a trade show display that evokes the atmosphere of a night club for the Kodak trade show booth at CES 2011. Laser cut acrylic formed the shelving to hold 3 lava lamps with custom built bases and off-the-shelf bubbling towers. A small turn table rotated a tray of mixed drinks made of hand poured and tinted silicone. A martini glass was constructed from slumped plexiglass with a turned ren board olive. Christmas string lights were rewired and installed underneath a milky plex floor to simulate dancing floor lights. Two custom ipods were installed into a mixing board with moving lights.



Trade Show Model Pack Up Time

The trade show models are finished. Final details have been applied, displays blown off and cleaned up from sitting in the dusty shop and photographs taken for the company portfolio. (Check back for pictures of the final displays in the near future).

Finishing up a project in themodel makingworld means undertaking yet one more assignment : the design and creation of shipping crates. Model makers uniquely know what is the best way to transport their wares. Measurements are taken and boxes are built according to the specific needs of the model itself, as well as the client.

After careful placement in their crates, the trade show model displays go out the door to our valued client and on to the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Safe travels…