Cutaway Models Give You a Peek Inside


Cutaway Models are a popular type of scale model, and for good reason. There are different types of cutaway designs, but each one seeks to reveal the inside workings of a particular product. Sometimes the technology inside an industrial product is its greatest asset and a cutaway model is designed to draw attention to this.

Most cutaway models replicate the overall look of the outside of a product. Then with the use of cutaways, offer a view at the design inside the product. Some cutaways are split in half, others have a small portion of the outside cut out, making  a peep-hole of sorts into the inside. Other cutaway models are modular – pieces are removable by way of magnets to reveal the inside components.

Most companies would prefer to bring a real product to a sales meeting or trade show if it is practical. Of course that’s not always the case, as real products may be too heavy or large to ship and display. Scale model replicas of a product are not only more efficient to use in these circumstances but can even be more attention grabbing and informative than the real thing. By incorporating cutaway features, a model can communicate the inner design which would ordinarily be hidden.


Busy Summer at the Model Shop

This has been a very busy time at KiwiMill model shop. Many exciting projects have been quoted, awarded, drawn up, fabricated, finished and shipped these past few months. All of our model makers love being busy. It’s what they are trained for – going from one project to the next without a break, crafting pieces that go right out the door as soon as they are complete. It’s easy to take for granted the depth and breadth of models that leave the shop when you work at this level of  artistry, precision and speed.

Sometimes it’s nice to step back for a moment and reflect on the projects that come through the model shop during any given time period. The past few months alone have seen military vehicles, warehouses, satellites, solar arrays, nuclear reactors, rockets, tank skids, servers, radiators, bioreactors an airport hanger and a nose cone. The creative energy of our model makers thrives on this variety. No two custom model projects are the same. Every day something new is learned by our master craftspeople.

There is never enough time to revel in the accomplishments here at KiwiMill; always the next project is waiting for our attention. But I wanted to take a moment to share some casual model shop pictures of the models I have watched go out the door so far this summer.