Tent Models as Sales Tool

Recently KiwiMill was asked to make a series of tent models to depict a manufacturer’s product line. The models would be used as a sales and marketing tool, with possible trade show use as well.

Masters were formed on the CNC mill out of tooling board to represent three different tent designs. The tents all have metal frames with wire cross pieces and the idea was to show some of this detail on the model surfaces.

The tents were then vacuum formed using the 3 carved masters. Twenty of one design were made, and 10 each of the two other designs.

Tent connectors were made from stamped sheet metal. Five different styles were built. These connectors would attach to the tents by the placement of magnets in each tent. The idea was to offer the ability to reconfigure the tents and connectors into different layouts as needed.

Vinyl graphics were digitally printed and the tents and connectors were painted olive drab.

An oak trimmed  48″ by 60″ base was constructed with sheet metal underneath a grass mat. This way the magnetized tents would stay in place when configured, rather than slipping around.

The finished diorama can be added to, subtracted from and reconfigured using different tents and connectors.