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Custom Trophy Truck Model Excitement!

Seems like every holiday season KiwiMill is asked to make a custom truck model for a very special client. Our model makers  love this type of project. Who wouldn’t?

This year’s custom trophy truck was based off a store bought RC 1:10 scale truck named the “Yeti”.

custom truck model

The outside shell of the Yeti was removed and a custom one designed in its place. A photograph of the real truck was used to take exact measurements, which were then adjusted slightly to fit this particular off-the-shelf truck frame. The custom shell was drawn up in Solid Works.

custom truck model

The computer drawings were then used to vacuum form the custom truck shell.

custom trophy truck model

custom truck modelcustom truck model

A custom chassis was assembled under the base using ABS plastic. Other accessories were hand built including the light bars, fire extinguisher, gas tank, and ratchet straps.

custom trophy truck modelcustom truck model

The interior of the truck model was hand built as well. A plastic figure was placed inside. It wore a custom fabricated and hand painted helmet to match the one the real life owner and driver of the vehicle wears.

custom truck model

The custom trophy truck model was masked off and painted from the inside. Vinyl labels of the logos and sponsors were applied to the finished surface.

custom truck model custom truck model

The truck was then mounted on a base made out of rolled, welded steel that was painted to resemble the dirt hills the real truck is driven on.

The final product turned out to be a great surprise for the client. His own custom trophy truck model, built to replicate the real one he owns and races. Very cool gift!

custom truck model custom truck model custom truck model custom truck model custom truck model custom truck model custom truck model custom truck model custom truck model